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InstantWinAPI couldn't be easier. If you need a government certified, rock solid API for drawing competition winners instantly, we've got it.

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Why use InstantWinAPI?

InstantWinAPI uses a random time-based mechanism ensuring your prizes will be distributed smoothly across the promotional period, regardless of how many prizes are available or how many entries you receive. If you want lightning fast winner selection for your application, request access now.

Promotion management dashboard

Create and manage your promotions and their prizes using our all-in-one admin dashboard. Once you have an account, securely log in and access the dashboard area to see which promotions are upcoming, live, or finished.

Specify available prizes including priority, grouping, quantities, and more. Set up test promotions and use a test API key to quickly and easily integrate your application.

A single API endpoint

A single API endpoint is all you'll need to integrate with. You will receive a test and live API key, and you can regenerate your API keys at any time.

We have a safe, transactional system in place to ensure prizes are never awarded incorrectly. Our dedicated infrastructure can handle as many requests as you need, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Built by developers, for developers.

Simple documentation

Don't sift through complicated documentation. Just a single page of docs is all you'll need to be up and running in no time.

Code examples and sample requests and responses are provided, as well as every option you can send to the API and what you can expect in response.

Make sure you try out the live sandbox provided below for an idea of just how fast and easy this API is.

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Government certified

Be compliant. We are fully government
approved in all Australian states.

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API sandbox

Test real requests to our API below, or try it using your own system.

Request POST

{ "apiKey": "cf004501-b2bc-4ffa-ab95-8cd1ae26ab51", "promotionId": "5b1c5171-0fdb-422f-a39e-6e64ceb64707", "transactionId": "3fd7c544-87d1-4331-b433-eb201b2694c0", "userIdentifier": "" }